Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paris Image of the Day: Le Tour Eiffel

Bon Jour!  I am hear and I should be sleeping, but my body clock is slightly off.  I slept a ton on the plane and then I stayed awake all day minus a couple of naps on the RER and one on the second level of Le Tour Eiffel.  Yes, while waiting in line to get a ticket to the top of Le Tour Eiffel, I fell asleep. I am retaining my family title that I can sleep anywhere by adding an international landmark to my list.  Today's photo is from the top of the tower with the Seine in the background.  I never realized how high up the tower goes and I definitely had sweaty hands and weak knees while up at the top.  This tourist attraction was a little too crowded and touristy for my tastes, but I am so happy I was able to brave the crowds and make it all the way up.  I think the rest of my trip will be a little less off of the beaten track.  I like to go where the locals go, not where the folks from LA and Michigan are headed. (I've been looking forward to meeting new people while traveling and the first people I run into are from LA.....go figure.)  I'm off to catch a few more zzzzzzzz.........

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