Monday, August 15, 2011

The 61st Annual Academy Awards

Today's post was inspired by Elle Sees since she was the one who sent me the link on Twitter with the words, "Thought you might like this".  Oh boy, was she right!  All of the photos I am about to share with you are from the 61st Annual Academy Awards and were taken by photographer, Alan Light.  After my experience this year at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards as a member of the press, I learned how important the credential process is and how seriously security is taken at the show.  It is amazing to see how times have changed from Alan's experience in 1989 (and you MUST read his story.) versus my experience in 2011.  It's just a different time in history.  You can see his credentials in several photos.  If you go through all of my photos, you will never see them on me.  I kept my credentials as a souvenir, but they are packed away and hidden from view.

The other thing that stood out in my mind is that these photos are from the legendary and disastrous 1989 show that was Executive Produced by Alan Carr.  If you don't know the sequence of events that took down the show, read all about it here.  It involved Rob Lowe, Snow White, Lucille Ball, Roy and Dale Evans, Disney, and the threat of a lawsuit.  I think it was a show the Academy would like to forget because I have yet to see a video of the epic opening number from that year on YouTube.  If you are curious about that evening, be sure to check out Rob Lowe's autobiography too.  It is worth the read especially if you are an Oscar aficionado and the wonderful Lucille Ball story inside is worth the price of admission.

I went through Mr. Light's gallery and pulled specific photos from the show because they all represent a time and a place:  people we have lost, a simpler time gone by, fashions that should stay in the closet, and a wonderful piece of Oscar history.  There are a lot of photos, so sit back and enjoy!

 Lest anyone forget, Tom Cruise is on Wife #3 with Katie Holmes.  Here is wife #1, Mimi Rogers, the one who introduced Tom to Scientology.  Yes, thank her for the couch jumping on Oprah.  

 Patrick Swayze

 The always elegant Meryl Streep.

 Better left in the closet, the shiny striped pant suit on Carly Simon.  Wait a minute...pants at the Oscars?!!

 Bruce Willis has hair!

 Don Johnson has even more hair!

 Prom or the Oscars?  Melanie Griffith was married to Don Johnson, not Antonio Banderas at this point.

 Oh yeah, I'm a Oscar winner!  Jodie Foster wins her first Academy Award for The Accused. 

 Sigh.  River Phoenix, to think he only had four more years left in his young life. 

 Here's where the show gets a bit bizarre.....legends Roy and Dale Evans in their classic Western wear.

 EPIC 80's photo alert!!  Drew Barrymore in a tight, short dress to the OSCARS with one of the Coreys, Corey Feldman.

 Olivia Newton-John sporting the Laura Ashley prom look with big 80's hair.

 Another pants suit, what the heck, people?!!  Ricki Lake at the Governor's Ball.

 Always simple and elegant, Sigourney Weaver. (And a reminder that less is always more with fashion.)

 Before Ebert and Roeper, there was Siskel and Ebert.  He passed away in 1999.

 Angie Dickinson looks like a feather duster, but she is always beautiful.  Her outfit reminds me of this dress at this year's SAG Awards. 

 Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline.....and oh yeah, black hose. 

 Oh very young, Tom Hanks.

 Rob Lowe looks better in 2011, no?

 Tom Selleck sporting the gold chains, the 'stache, and the slicked back hair.  

Ms. Lucille Ball.  This was her last public appearance. She passed away a month later.  Ms. Ball would have been 100 years old in 2011.  

 I don't think Goldie Hawn has aged one day since this photo.

 The infamous Bleacher Creatures back in the day when you could camp overnight for a spot on the bleacher.  Now it is done by lottery.  

 How debonair, Mr. Vincent Price. 

 This dress should stay in the closet, what a hot mess-Mimi Rogers.

 Connie Stevens on her way to being crowned prom queen.

A baby Mayim Bialik at dress rehearsal.  According to Mr. Light, her number was cut.

 Merv Griffin and Snow White at the beginning of the show.

 I wish I could ID everyone in this photo, but this was the "Stars of Tomorrow" number in the show. I know that is Keith Coogan in the front with the striped shirt and two over to the left is Blair Underwood with Corey Feldman in the background behind Blair. Ricki Lake was in the number as was Melora Hardin, Holly Robinson Peete, Chad Lowe, and more.  Can you ID anyone else?

Geena Davis in a color we haven't seen since the 80's, mint green. 

A big thank you to Elle for sending me the link, this was a really fun post for me to share with everyone. A reminder that all of these photos belong to Alan Light and he must be credited if you decide to use any of his photos.  

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