Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2: Vienna Girardi

I've been notoriously critical of The Bachelor franchise, but we all know it is my own fault for even watching the manipulative, scripted (UPDATED:  One of my Bachelor pals corrected me and she would know, there is no scripting whatsoever on The Bachelor franchise.) reality show.  After spending another Monday night wasted on the couch watching Bachelor Pad 2 with the immature shenanigans of Kasey and Vienna, I was reminded of an interview I did with Vienna Girardi in September 2010 during Emmys Week.  I spoke a bit about my interview in a post I did after the event.  Hmmm, after last night's episode, I am not sure my 2010 assessment was correct.  If she hated the manipulation of The Bachelor franchise so much, why is she appearing on Bachelor Pad 2?  If it was so bad, wouldn't you stay far away from ever participating in a reality show again?  Money talks and when Mike Fleiss calls, most former Bachelor contestants say "yes".  Watch my interview with Vienna Girardi and let me know what you think:


  1. I think all these people r hungry for fame and they only potray them selves as ASSHOLES with no real Direction in life! They look and act like LOWLiFES! I was surprised to see some from Ashleys recent time! And the acting So Bad!! Of course its SCRIPTED!! Every bad act is SO OBVIOUS! Give me a Break! Yes Money Talks! And BS walks! All I can end with is Yuk and What the Fuck!?! Elyse in Miami! Ps: Hope Ella gets the $250000 for her son! She's the only descent one that deserves it!! :)

  2. Elyse, I totally get what you are saying because I watch some of the insanity and think, "What the heck?".  But, I complain......and then I keep watching.  So, it's kind of my fault for watching, right?  I can't stop as much as the show bugs me.  LOL.  


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