Wednesday, March 31, 2010

KB is in the Big Apple!

I am finally back in NYC after an 8-month absence.  As an NYU alum, I consider Manhattan my home.  And this is how my home greets me......with lots of rain.  Ugly, ugly rain.  The kind that blows your umbrella inside out and makes sure your jeans are soaked from top to bottom.  Thanks for the welcome, NY!  I think it was a great reminder as to why I traded my winter coat for palm trees.

Of course, I did remember to bring my bright, shiny, yellow rain boots that everyone teased me about in Atlanta. Now that we have traveled to the next city, the only person laughing is me.  I can walk in puddles while my co-workers have wet socks.  However, I made a major fashion faux pas by doing the LA thing of rolling my jeans.  After experiencing soaking wet cuffs, I know why those fashionable Manhattanites tuck their skinny jeans into the boot.  Rookie move on my part.  I forgot how this rain thing works.

I ran through Times Square once called the "Crossroads of the World", but I think they need to rename it the "Crosswalk of the World" now that they have closed down parts of Time Square to accommodate the pedestrians and the constant roadblocks....yes, the tourists, who love to come to a dead stop in the middle of the sidewalk.  I know the city is sensory overload and it can be overwhelming, but "MOVE, dammit!"  Phew, I think I got my NY edge back, no LA fluff for me. I am back on my home turf.   Oh yeah, I got sidetracked.  I went and picked up my ticket to see Promises, Promises starring Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth.  4th Row, Center Seat.  NICE.

Holy cow!  This show is STILL running??!!  Hasn't everyone seen it by now?  Mamma Mia plays at The Winter Garden Theatre much like Cats, it is "Now and Forever".

A Times Square staple, Colony Music, a fantastic old-school music store guaranteed to make any musical theatre geek's heart sing.  I spent many Friday nights sorting through the sheet music and Broadway posters during my first semester at NYU with my fellow Massachusetts pal, Ken Davenport.  Where is he now?  Check out his site and be sure to follow him for some of the most valuable and innovative marketing tips around: Davenport Theatrical Enterprises.

The lovely view from my hotel....that's what I get for asking for a corner suite.  I forget how New Yorkers live on top of each other.  So little space, so many people.

After a jaunt to Times Square and a quick stop at my hotel to change out of my wet jeans, I ran over to Macy's Herald Square to shop for Streamy Awards shoes.  I was happy to see the annual Macy's Flower Show was in full bloom on the first floor.  It was fragrant and springy inside.

While I didn't have any luck at Macy's, I knew I would find some serious shoes at 10022. The place is so spectacular, it warrants its own zip code, the Saks Fifth Avenue Shoe Department.  The 8th floor isn't for the faint of heart.  The shoes are works of art and they cost an arm and a leg.

This pair of Jimmy Choo shoes would be the perfect accessory for my Streamy Awards dress.  However, the price of the shoes is close to 4 times the price of my dress.  So, no Jimmy's for me.

So I picked up this pair:  soft, buttery leather, delicate strappy sandals with.....a red leather sole.  Yep, I picked up a pair of Louboutins.  Oh, I wanted these shoes so badly.  They were even better accessories than the Choo's, but darn, they were 5 times price of my dress.  Boo!  They went back on the shelf.

So, I traded my Louboutins for a cupcake at the best place in the world, Magnolia Bakery, a Sex and the City staple.

And this is my favorite cupcake:  chocolate cake with loads of pink frosting and jimmies on top!

Then it was off to the show and a view that will never get old to me:  Hello, NY, so glad I am back!
xo kb

Stick around for more NY updates now through April 10th!


  1. The yellow rain boots don't work with the Streamy dress? Too bad.

  2. Now there's an idea! And the boots are already paid for. :)

  3. Or you could go to Payless pick up a pair of shoes and spray paint the sole's red. Granted it violates trademark law but it saves you some cash. :)


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