Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Web Watch: Streamys Edition

We are into our fourth week of Weekend Web Watch and we dust off the vault to bring out one of my favorite episodes of 2009 and a three category nominee for the Streamy Awards: Oz Girl. They are nominated for Best Drama Web Series, Best Foreign Web Series, and Best Female Actor in a Drama Web Series for Sophie Tilson. It seems like a million years ago that we shot this episode, but it was in the middle of iTVFest that we sat down with the young and talented cast. They had an absolutely magical week at the festival and everyone wanted to find out what all the buzz was about. So step back to August 2009 with The Web Files and Oz Girl: Oz Girl

Be sure to go back to our Behind the Scenes archives for photos and scoop on The Web Files shoot with Oz Girl: Behind the Scenes.

Good luck at The Streamys, Oz Girl! See you on the red carpet.

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