Monday, October 12, 2009

You're Cold Then You're Hot, You're Cold, Cold, Cold And Then You Are Oprah!

Okay, we are going to get this one out of the way. Yes, I am clumsy. A nice little bump and a you want to see what I collided with?
Fantastic! The corner of my cabinet in the kitchen. I will defend myself by saying it is the most bizarre construction for a corner cabinet. It hangs over the sink, so when I bent over to scrub a pot....Bump! And ouch!

The bananas continue to invade the State Fair of Texas! So, I have dedicated a whole section to the coveted Texas banana later in this blog.

Now, it's time to discuss the weather. I listen to NBC Dallas meteorologist, Jennifer Lopez (no relation to J.Lo), and she has lied to me every morning. She keeps promising me dry weather and warmer temperatures. Instead, we get this.......

......and this....yes, science experiments in the landscape. I know a little bit of fungi never hurt anyone, but the ground sure is squishy from all of the rain.

So, we need to dress like this........many, many layers.

I will say the little ones look much more fashionable in their winter wear. Jazz hands!

So, the next day at work, it is 94 F and hot........

And super windy!

Oh, and then the following day, it's wet and cold. I bring out the gloves for reinforcements.

But, the bananas are not deterred by the cold weather. They come to see the show and they look pretty happy.

They dance as a part of the opening show entertainment with my co-host, Matt Troyer.....

The banana and the co-host do a tribute to the Macarena.....

Nothing like a little banana background dancing while the ladies perform.

To reward the banana for his excellent movement skills, we gave him a yellow bandana for his head. Look closely.......

Time to dive into the fried food again with the legendary Fletcher's Corny Dog, but this one was special: jalapeño and cheese.

It was delicious........

I didn't like it AT ALL. It definitely rivals a Disneyland corn dog which is the most delicious corn dog in the land.

For dessert, we had a funnel cake. Not as delicious as the Corny Dog, I remember fried dough tasting better when I was younger. We didn't even finish, is that a calorie and fried food point saved??

Don't worry, I am not getting too fat here. There is yoga in the conference room from time to time.

And then on Sunday, the Queen of America arrived with security, a police escort, and helicopters. May I introduce you to my best friend, Oprah?

Sitting next to her was her other BFF, Gayle and her makeup artist, Reggie Wells. Reggie ran around to the open window and performed makeup touch-ups so all of the "candid" photos would be picture perfect.

Suzy and Oprah hanging out at the Fair.......

Me and Oprah contemplating our next we go to the fried butter booth or ride the Big Texas ferris wheel?

People are frantic to capture her photo....this is everyone running after her vehicle. Don't worry, she will be driving back THREE more times for a "spontaneous" visit all captured for Monday's show when Oprah visits the State Fair of Texas.

I am in the final leg of my trip here in Texas. It really has been such a fun month. I will post the final week's photos soon, so you can experience my taste of fried butter, a ride on Big Texas, and all of the fashions as the weather goes from cold to hot to rainy all over again.

Thanks, Y'all!
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