Friday, October 2, 2009

Dallas: Days 5, 6, 7, 8!

Here we are, deep into the State Fair of Texas and it's been a riot! I love this photo with our singers, the Kaizenettes.....a total Dreamgirls photo for this talented trio!

Uh oh......the clouds are moving in quickly......

This is what it normally looks like outside, calm and pretty........

Not today! Storm's a brewing.......

And my favorite photo of the day. It looks like a Hollywood movie set moved into the State fairgrounds. It looks completely it the Paramount lot or Dallas?

On a sunnier day, this is the Texas Star ferris wheel. It's the tallest amusement park ride in the Western Hemisphere, standing 212 feet tall. Yes, they do things bigger in Texas.

This slingshot ride makes my palms sweat just watching it swing around and around. A group always gets stuck at the top when they load the other car at the bottom. Guess who won't be going on this ride?

Look, I'm a flower!

Another robot with his little bird friends along the DART Green Line. I can't find anyone to explain these sculptures to me. Anyone? Help a girl out!

There's always something going on at the Cotton Bowl. It was a soccer match this night. Women, take note, it took them 30 minutes to achieve this look.

Texas has an obsession with me on this's fried....

It's in a pie, pudding, and even in a panini.....

It's stuffed.........oh, even I look like a banana here!

......and it's stuffed again.......

........this guy looks very comfortable walking and texting with his stuffed banana.....
So, I now have two Texas mysteries on my list: robots with little bird friends and why Texans love bananas so much. Comment below if any of you can solve these important Scooby Mysteries!

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  1. I like the robots with little bird friends (+ the occasional banjos), but it's definitely a mystery. I tried several Google combos and there were some interesting things that came up but none that explained the phenomenon you're experiencing. At least they look friendly.


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