Thursday, March 28, 2013

AfterBuzz TV, Dancing with the Stars: Week 2 with Anna Trebunskaya

My notes, gossip, and Twitter page ready for last night's show.

I want to thank everyone for joining us last night on AfterBuzz TV for Dancing with the Stars. I had a blast tweeting live with many of you at our official hashtag:  #ABTVDance.  It was interesting to see the show from a different perspective since I joined via phone from New York.

One thing I want to address is our current time slot. Many of you on the East Coast have asked about the time of our show.  This season, we are locked into a 9pm PT time slot.  This will remain a fixed time for Season 16.  I know this is late for most you on the East Coast (I know firsthand, since I was up until after 1am ET chatting with you!) We will definitely take this into consideration for next season, but I want to let you know why we are on so late:

1.  AfterBuzz TV is a full working studio with many shows scheduled before and after us.  Since Season 16 of DWTS falls mid-season, we have to take the available studio slots.

2.  The times that were available were not always convenient for our DWTS guests, so we took the best slot that would make our show more attractive for the pros and celebs to come on our show. If we schedule it too early, we cut into rehearsal time. If we schedule it on a broadcast day, we won't get anyone.

3. AfterBuzz TV actually moved around the schedule to accommodate our 9pm PT slot. Originally, it was going to be at 10pm PT...which is even worse for you East Coasters.  So, the crew and I are very grateful that they made this happen.

So, don't worry, we hear you!  We will take your comments and suggestions and use them for Season 17. In the meantime, please enjoy last night's broadcast below or download the podcast in iTunes here.


  1. I love this show! I'm four hours behind the west coast, so I watch on Thursday when posted.

    1. Thanks, Meggie! Yes, that's a smart way to go. Thank you for watching. :)

  2. First of all I'm thrilled about the shoutout! I was on my own, listening carefully to what everyone was saying and agreeing pretty much with everything said by everyone there and then (BOOM!) I listen to my name! I almost fell from the chair, literally and had this hard palpitations that we suppose being a heart attack! LOL Thank you guys very much for your kind and sweet words! I love your aftershow and I'll keep being a loyalty fan and listener!

    It was a great second show of DWTS, it's very nice seeing the improvement of those who had a hard time last week, but it's definitely the most heartbreaking result show so far! Dorothy definitely stole my heart!!

    Can't say enough about everything. Right now English grammar is not making sense anymore in my head. LOL

    Massive love from Brazil!!!

    1. Your English is great, no worries! Thank you so much for your comments and feedback, Geórgia! We so appreciate YOU!


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