Saturday, October 29, 2011

Did You Hear The Story About My Bandages?

I didn't get a chance to wrap up my final days of the State Fair of Texas thanks to an unexpected hospital visit. I've been resting up all week on the couch, but it will be a 6-8 week recovery for my wounds to heal. What happened? Well, read on after I photo dump my final days at the fair for you:

In previous years, I have indulged in the soft serve.  This year, I only had one cone.....

My State Fair of Texas boyfriend, Julian, AKA my co-worker's son!  He greeted me with a "Burtt" every day, it was kind of awesome being one of his favorites.  

This was my co-host's favorite activity, jumping the Traxxas truck over me during the show.  I do my own stunts!

The best thing I ate at the fair, Deep Fried Pumpkin Pie.  Yum!

What is going on with my hair in this photo?

A great reminder that if you eat too much fried food in Texas, you wind up as big as this:

We had an early Halloween party the last week we were there.  Matt and I made a quick trip to CVS.

So, Toyota Live went as CVS witches.  I actually love this photo.

My CVS purchases:  my hat, my cup, and my Peanuts purse.

The start of the show!

Last night in Texas.....and a trip to the emergency room.  The waitress at the hotel accidentally dumped a catering tray of hot water on my legs.  I knew it was bad when I stood up and dropped and F-bomb as I am not someone who swears that much.  I then tried to remove my jeans in the middle of the bar....uh, yeah, the pain was that bad.   My left foot and calf all wrapped up.  

And my right thigh all wrapped up.  I wound up with 2nd degree burns.  Not a fun way to end my trip, but I am going to be okay.  I was so bored waiting for the doctor that I tweeted much of my hospital visit. (Go back to October 23rd if you want all of the morbid details.) A big thanks to everyone who pitched in to help that night:  Matt, Kyle, Tina, Josh, Evan, Carolina, Christina (Tina), and Jessica.  I appreciate it!

The hotel staff all heard about the big incident the night before and one of the valet staff made me a balloon flower while I waited for the airport car service.  I couldn't wait to get home.  

A big thanks to my agents at Productions Plus who sent me this beautiful bouquet.  It looks great in my dining room. 


  1. Fun pictures.  Hope the healing process motors along (forgive me the verb,too many Toyota refs above)

  2. of the burns are cruising along....others are sputtering a bit.  :)  My left foot and upper right thigh are stubborn wounds. (just like me!)

    Thank you!


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