Friday, December 13, 2013

DWTS Season 18: Cody Simpson

I cannot believe I am even writing about Season 18 for Dancing With the Stars here on my blog since we just wrapped Season 17, but it looks like inquiries are starting to go out to some celebs. Cody Simpson started the rumor mill churning big time on Friday with a series of tweets:

A few of you asked me who Cody was. Yes, he's part of the Disney chain. He actually comes from the Disney Radio side and did some mentoring work on Disney's Next Big Thing. I have interviewed him three or four times and he's a doll. He really blew up this year because he was the opening act for Justin Bieber. Yeah, no big deal.

Here are some of my Cody Simpson interviews:
Next Big Thing
Let It Shine premiere 
The Biggest Loser appearance

If Cody does decide to do the show, I'm thinking Witney Carson or Lindsay Arnold would be a great partner for him since they both fit into the right age demographic. Witney and Cody? Lindsay and Cody? Which one would you prefer?

What I can tell you is that Cody has a rabid fan base of teen girls. ABC would love to have him and it sounds like he wants to do it. It would also be a big "get" for the show.

Let me know what you think about Cody Simpson on DWTS in comments below. 

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  1. I. Would love if. Cody Simpson. Was. Paired with. Lindsay anorld. For season 18 Dwts I would love to see. Wintey. Carson. With. Justin bieber. For season 18. Dwts. Derke. Hough paired. With Betty white. Or rose ann bar for season 18 19 Dwts. I. Would love if chelise Hightower was paired with. Rob Patterson or ledorando decprico. For season 1819. I would love if. Emma. Was. Paired with. A. Foot ball player for season 1819. I. Hope. That. Derke hough is paired with Kristin steward. For season 1819. I. Hope that Anna comes back and is paired with. A. Ice staking champion. I hope. Maskiim comes back for season 1819,and gets. Blonynce the singer. I hope that for season 18 19 that. Tony gets. A glee person and I. Hope Katrina gets a. Comedian. For season 1819. I hope that. Mark ballas gets. Jennifer Anniston or Angelina Jolie. I hope that Derke hough gets his dream partner Angelina Jolie for season. 18 19. Dwts. I. Hope that Derke hough gets. Paris Hilton or. Brittany spears for season 18 19. Or mark ballas I. Hope Derke hough gets. Lindsay longhan for seSon 1819 Dwts.

  2. I. Hope that. For. Season 1819 Dwts that Derke hough gets. Renne zwagller or. Kate Hudson. Or. Goldie hawn. For season 1918. Make sure thAt Derke hough gets. Paula deen if she is on. Dwts. Season 1819. I. Hope. That Cheryl Burke gets.

  3. I hope Cheryl. Burke gets. Tom. Cruise for. Season 18 19. Dwts. I. Hope that Derke hough gets tori spelling for season 18 19. I. Hope that if wopi Goldberg. Or Janet Jackson I hope. Derke hough gets Paired with them. For. Season 19 18. I. Hope. That if. Derke. Hough gets. Bloynce the. Singer for. Season 1819 Dwts. I. Hope that. Derke. Hough gets.

  4. I. Hope that. Derke. Houghs gets. Jessica Simpson. For season 18 19 have Jessica Simpson and. Cody Simpson. On Dwts. On the same time and. See. How they do. And.

  5. I. Hope that. Derke hough gets. Barbara Walters for season 18 19 Dwts. I. Hope that Derke hough gets. Ellen dregree that. TV show host I. Hope that. Karina gets or. PETA gets. Ja Leno. The tv host. For season 1819 I. Hope that. Derke hough gets. Courtney the from the bachorllte. For season 18 19. I hope that. Derke hough. Gets. Oprah whiftney. The tv host show I.

  6. I. Hope. That. Mark ballas gets his dream partner the. Jennifer Anniston. For. Season 18 19. I. Hope that. Derke. Hough gets. Either. Ashely Olsen. Or. Kate Olsen. I. Hope. Tobey mcrgrie. Is paired with. Chelise Hightower i. Hope that. Cherly Burke gets. Tom hanks For season 1819 I. Hope that. I. Derke hough. Gets Jennifer Hudson for season 1819. Dwts. I hope that. Cheryl Burke gets. Justin timber lake. For season 1819. I. Hope that. Karina gets a

  7. I. Hope that Derke hough gets. Lady. Gaga. Or Katy perry for season 1819 Dwts or. I hope that Derke hough gets The new tv. Host show queen lab tibia for season 1819. I hope. That. Karina. Gets a comedian I hope that. Chelise Hightower or. Anna gets. Or Emma gets. Eddie from souvior.

  8. I. Hope that. Derke. Hough gets. Madonna. For season 1819. Dwts. I. Hope that. Derke hough gets. Hanna Montana the. Singer for season 1819 Dwts

  9. I. Hope that Derke hough. Gets. Sasha Cohen. The. Ice staking champion. For. Season. 18. Dwts. And. Mark ballas. Gets. Dolly. Parton. Or. Derke hough. Gets dolly poton


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