Thursday, June 26, 2014

Top 20 Genre Pairings: SYTYCD Season 11

Okay, remember that the partners will switch, but for the first "Free" week where no one is voted out, the dancers are partnered with others in their genre. Let's take a look at the seven pairings I have so far.



2. Tanisha/Nick

3. Malene/Marcquet

4. Brooklyn/Serge

5. Carly/Rudy

6. Emily/Casey

7. Emilio/Teddy

8. Zach/Valerie

9. Jourdan/Jacque

10. Bridget/Stanley


  1. Wow what awesome pairings. Thank you so much KB!!!

  2. At first I was going to say what unfair pairings with Jessica and Ricky as a pair but I think they may have a problem connecting with eachother and the audience (after what we saw at LA week)... Just a hunch. Seems weird how they are pairing so much of the same genre people with eachother...

    1. Everyone is paired up for someone in the same genre for week one. Their official partners will be assigned for Week 2. It's just to get a feel for what everyone can do in their own dance style and introduce the Top 20. :)


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