Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is This a Partial List of Season 11's SYTYCD Top 20?

This week's show with Season 9's Tiffany Maher.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! UPDATED AS OF JUNE 24!!

I was handed this list today from a source who has come through for me in the past multiple times. I have not been able to cross-verify the list yet, but I thought it might be fun to ponder if these dancers will be a part of the live shows in two weeks for Season 11 of SYTYCD.

All of the dancers listed had strong auditions, so I think we will definitely see many (if not all?) of these names make it past the Green Mile. >

Here we go:

1. Serge Onik

2. Tanisha Belnap

3. Rick Ubeda

4. Jessica Richens

5. Malene Ostergaard

6. Marcquet Hill (One source says yes, one source says no.) UPDATE: Hearing he's in.

7. Brooklyn Fullmer

8. Emily James

9. Nick Garcia

10. Rudy Abreu

11. Emilio Dosal (Remember, Aaron Turner replaced him when he was injured last season!!!!!)

12. Carly Blaney

13. Casey Askew

14. Bridget Whitman

15. Valerie Rockey

16. Teddy Coffey

17. Jourdan Epstein

18. Stanley Glover

19. Zachary Everheart

20. Jacque LeWarne (LAST NAME finally!!!!)

I am also hearing two fan favorites, Justine Lutz and Cristina Moya-Palacios did not make it to Top 20. I was told Justine made it to Green Mile before being cut and Cristina was cut in Round 2.

If you missed our episode today with the adorable Tiffany Maher from Season 9, watch it below:


  1. I love this list if its true. Even if its not I'm happy to see a lot of my favorites from the auditions on there especially Serge.

    1. Serge has to be there….it's his time. :)

  2. Im sad no Justine Lutz on this list or Landon Anderson, or Angelina Granitz (though I understand the last one not making it through) bit surprised at Brooklyn and Rudy making it through. Looks like SYTYCD is limiting it to Ballroom and Contemporary/Jazz this year, dont see a single hip-hopper/animator/wacker/crumper/etc besides Emilio. Im not sure im that happy with this list, a fair few people I really wanted to see are there but others arent.

    1. This is a partial list. 6-7 names missing. Don't upset yet. :)

  3. I'm so so rooting for Caleb, even though I feel he's not strong enough to make it all the way, but it gives me chills every time when I see him dance, he's absolutely mesmerizing!
    I'm hoping to see more of Alex Kessinger and Dani Platz, maybe they can fulfill some of the missing spots in top 20? :)
    Thanks for sharing the list :)

    1. Absolutely! I'm trying hard to find out those missing names and double check the names I was given. :) Stay tuned...

  4. Hi Kristyn. Thanks for the inside scoop. We will all have to tune in tomorrow night and see if its completely true. I too am sad a fee of everyone's favorites didn't make it to top 20 but Vegas Week now known as "Pasadena' Week is though and not everyone is versatile enough to make it through all the choreo rounds or at least have a passion /desire to do their best like Cyrus. What will be interesting is the coupling cause that can make or break everyone's favorites if the dancers have no chemistry together and the first 6 weeks have so much to do with luck of the draw of routines

    1. If this list is true, it's proving that talents like Cyrus and Fik-shun are rare. It's hard to be an animator and be so versatile. This list would prove to be a much more traditional route for the show and one we haven't seen in a few season. Can't wait to watch tonight's show.


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