Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hot Topic Tuesday: The Internet Hates You and Loves You

I have developed a pretty thick skin working on the internet.  I love that I get immediate feedback on my reporting from people who watch what I do for the first time or for the 249530494385394857th time.  I like to pride myself on responding to most of my comments and posts, but I usually refrain from talking back to the really mean ones if I think it is unwarranted.  I love constructive criticism, but I am also human so if you tell me I should shut up forever because my yakking hurts your ears, I think..."lower the volume or turn me off.  Welcome to America, kids, we have choices here."  Yet, those haters love to come back week after week.  They get great enjoyment out of making comments on YouTube and it makes me laugh.  We are all armchair critics now that the internet has given us a bigger voice, but an anonymous one at the same time.  You can hide behind your keyboard and criticize away.  The criticism often has more to do with you versus me, but that's okay...I'm human and I have lots of foibles....and bad hair days too!

So, enjoy my latest AfterBuzz TV recap show of Dancing With the Stars with our guests, troupe members Sasha Farber and Emma Slater.  We had such a blast and I had loved reading all of the comments.....both good......and snarky. (Click on the video to be directed to YouTube and all of the comments.)

I would love to hear your opinion on this.  Chime in below....and yep, you can respond anonymously.  


  1. I bet in a couple of years we are going to see celebs start to back away from things like twitter and facebook because they don't want to deal with the comments. I don't know if they're have been any studies but I wonder if there has been a rise in stalkers since social media took off? If someone is crazy and suddenly the object of their affection retweets them or something seems like that would be the catalyst to set them off.

    I'm hardly famous as in not famous at all, but I've gotten a few strange facebook friend requests and comments from guys in a bunch of different countries wanting 'things'. It got so bad I created a facebook page for my husband as a deterrent which actually has worked. Of course now I miss the attention. *_*

    1. Oh and this doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying to figure out who your boyfriend is! ^_^

    2. I know that a lot of security experts ask their celeb clients to not post their whereabouts until after they have left that location. It's just too dangerous with stalkers out there. I bet that the crazy stalkers do feel like they have easier access to the stars because of social media.

      And you're right.....social media has made all of us hyperaware of our privacy, safety, and security.

      And Becca, good luck guessing! :)

  2. Becca, I'm Kristyn's boyfriend.

  3. I love it! Let's start internet rumors as to who my boyfriend is.....
    Hilarious, Kip! Hope you are well. :)

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