Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, look at that! What a great way to start off 2010, with an unexpected win for The Web Files for "Best Web Original Non-Fiction Show" as a part of Clicker's Best of 2009. The competition was incredible with shows like A Comicbook Orange, Hungry Nation (who I am dying to interview), and New Media Minute. It's hard to imagine that we started this show only 6 months ago because we have been so welcomed into the web space. We appreciate your votes, views, and all of the support. Thank you!

We look forward to bringing you more in 2010. We kicked off the year with Dorm Life, Hulu's #1 most watched web series and next week brings The Bannen Way, the most anticipated show of the last year on Please keep that feedback coming, we want to bring you the shows you want to hear more about.

Finally, a shout out to our fellow web winners in other categories: Compulsions, Casual Mafia, The Legend of Neil, and Live from the Future with Stuart Paap! Congratulations on your win, guys!

Articles about the win:

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