Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DWTS Season 19: Serge Onik

We're back! It was so much fun to be back in studio with Anna Trebunskaya and Suri Serano after a long summer away. Jake DuPree will be back for our Sept. 30 show, but in the meantime, SYTYCD's Serge Onik is doing a great job at filling in.

I wasn't too sure about this season. I didn't love the contestants, but Monday night's show proved that we are going to have fun this season with some unexpected choices. I'm excited by the possibilities…

Next week: Serge is in for Jake and Elena Grinenko is our guest. If you heard me say new pro Keo Motsepe is on next week, that was my mistake. He will be on our Sept. 30 show. I read the email wrong and I clearly have no concept of time.

We are on at Wednesday at 5 p.m. next week on AfterBuzz TV.


  1. Hey Kristyn!

    First of all, let me welcome you guys back! It's so great to have one of the best part of DWTS with us again :)

    Agreed with everything you guys had to say and was not surprise at all that Lolo Jones went home. As soon as she started talking back and pouting, she was doomed. I understand the whole athlete mentality but she had to think with a DWTS mentality. It reminded me of Sean Avery last season.

    I'm a Derek fan above all but I kind of got the vibe this might no be his year. Fingers crossed that I'm wrong but once I saw Alfonso and Witney I was sold! They are going to be amazing and I really like Witney's fresh take on dancing. All the other older pros repeat a lot of steps and you never see anything that new, so I'm loving that they are bringing in new pros.

    Interesting note:

    I read Carrie Ann Inaba's blog and she didn't even mention Derek and Bethany. Bad sign?

    See you next week!

    1. Another fan mentioned to me that Carrie Ann didn't talk about that couple. It seems like a weird omission. I'm not worried about Derek or Bethany though. Derek has proven to be a great teacher/choreographer and Bethany has TONS of fans supporting her.

      But yes, Wit and Alfonso are dynamic. I loved Lea and Artem, Sadie and Mark and Val/Janel. Good things this season.

      So good to hear from you, Ana. :)

  2. Great having Afterbuzz back! Always appreciate hearing the panels opinion as you each cover a different viewpoint that's important to the viewers.

    I too went into the season not that excited but was pleasantly surprised by how many people I enjoyed Monday night! I think this season is going to be more about who the audience connects with personality wise than actual dancing. It does happen that the best dancer on the show (Alfonso) is also well liked though so right now he's the full package. I find that I'm loving the older celebs like Randy and Lea (love Artem!) and then also the enthusiasm and naivety of the younger celebs like Jonathan and Sadie. Sadie could really be a dark horse if she's able to live up to her week 1 performance as she will appeal to the younger audience while also bringing the gap with the older demo with her values and DD fans. I agree with Suri on not connecting with Janel. She seems to have a bit of the theater kid mentality of "look at me look at me" right now so hopefully she can soften some. I also think Janel and Val are pushing the showmance themselves as they aren't refuting anything when reporters ask them the question. Forcing it a little too much right now. It's early days still.

    Serge seems like a sweetheart but I think he was a little biased (he is Val's roommate after all) and thought his comments about Sadie were a little uncalled for. Not sure why he's trying to say she's hiding some dance training. She's a natural mover but I thought she also looked like a novice in some of her movements. She was overscored for sure but that's not her fault.

    Anyway...on to week 2!

    1. Yes to Lea and Artem. Yes to Randy and Karina. Really exciting couples.

      Serge was joking about Sadie having secret dance training. Just thought she has a lot of natural talent, but he wasn't implying anything sinister. I think Sadie and Mark will have a really nice season.

    2. heyyyyy bonjour ! from france as always i'm with you on afterbuzzz tonigt or morning for me loool ! big kiss to suri and anna ! mwaaaaaa

    3. hey kristyn helloooo to tonight ! and please mwaaaa for jake for me please and hello to all ! thanks merciiiiii love you all !

    4. Hi, Vivi! I will tell Jake you said, "hi!" :)


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