Friday, August 1, 2014

SYTYCD Season 11: Mandy Moore

This might be my favorite show all season. It was such an honor to have the Emmy-nominated Mandy Moore in our studios. She gave us a candid look at the contestants and what goes on in those rehearsal rooms. For my DWTS fans, we will try and have her on in the fall since she brings so much to the table. 

A couple of fun things we learned:

--They are not asking the choreographers' opinions on the contestants this year.

--Music clearance is challenging. Sometimes contestants find out the night before that their solo music cannot be used. Stressful!

--Mandy choreographs DWTS much differently than SYTYCD because she isn't ballroom trained. She said she relies upon Sasha, Emma, Jenna and Val to help her out in the studio.

--She also gives her thoughts on Shania Twain possibly joining the show…remember, Mandy choreographed her Vegas show!

Next week's guests are Nick Lazzarini, Season 1, and Jaimie Goodwin, Season 3.


  1. I could watch a show with Many Moore every week. Such an incredible guest!

  2. I hate that they are not asking the choreographers' opinions this season. They are the ones that work with the contestants and see the growth, work ethic, potential, etc. I feel like the judges made their decision this week based on one performance and not consistency and growth throughout the season. Left me with a sour taste in my mouth and I hate that bc I love the show.

    1. I think it is a mistake not to ask choreographers' opinions. It's so important for the contestants to know how the choreographers feel about them in the rehearsal space because it will carry over into their professional lives. If you don't realize that you give off a bad vibe in rehearsal, how are you going to know how to correct it? It does a disservice to them in the long run.

      An interesting story tied to this one…one contestant was called out for their immature rehearsal behavior in a prior season. Due to choreographers' feedback, they were able to make things right and have gone on to great success post-SYTYCD. Most contestants are under 22, so they are still learning. Don't let them keep making the same mistake.


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