Thursday, August 28, 2014

SYTYCD Season 11: Dave Scott

How did we get Dave Scott on the show? Chloe ran into him out and about in Hollywood. He willingly gave up his contact info and I sent him an email. Within two hours, we had our guest!

I am really proud that we were able to book three choreographers in three different styles this season: Contemporary, Broadway and Hip Hop. I am praying that SYTYCD gets picked up for another season because I finally connected with NappyTabs. I interviewed them for my upcoming article in the December issue of Dance Spirit. So let's hope we get a Season 12!

Next week, I will be alone…Chloe and Jake all have other commitments, so I get the boys all to myself.  Join me for the finale with Serge Onik, Teddy Coffey and Emilio Dosal.

If you missed this week's episode, you can watch it below:

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