Monday, May 19, 2014

Christopher Scott Interview: Macy's Stars of Dance, DWTS, Week 9

While everyone was watching the Dancing With the Stars finale, I was hitting the red carpet for collidEdance headed by 2013 Capezio A.C.E. winner Erica Sobol. At the tail end of the carpet, a publicist asked if I would be interested in interviewing Christopher Scott. Um…yes, please!

We talked about last week's Macy's Stars of Dance, why Derek Hough brought him aboard and what he used as his inspiration. This is an audio-only interview and I didn't edit it since I wanted to post it ASAP, so you are getting the raw footage.

For those of you that follow me to SYTYCD on AfterBuzz TV, please tweet Chris Scott and let him know you heard this interview. I'm working hard to get him on our show this summer once we hit the Top 20.

Listen below:

If you missed the Macy's Stars of Dance number, watch below:

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