Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heroes Among Us, Universal Studios

Hey Everyone!
      Since many of you have enjoyed my posts on my red carpet dresses on Facebook and Twitter, I decided that my closet deserved a page of its own.  Also, I think my male friends would rather pass on looking at dresses, shoes, and accessories, so this will spare them any Sex and the City pain.  
    So, here is my first post from last night's red carpet.  I was covering the Heroes Among Us show for Focus Hollywood..  Honorees included Kathy Ireland and Nancy Davis while celebrities from Tatyana Ali, Erik Estrada, and the delicious Greg Ellis made appearances.  
    My dress is from a fantastic store at the Sherman Oaks Galleria:  Indulge.  The dress designer is Style Biz.  The shoes were the most expensive thing on me last night, my favorite Stuart Weitzman shoes recycled from my DGA Awards outfit in 2007.  The gold belt was a recent purchase from Express and my bracelets were from H & M.  So, an affordable night on the red carpet.  The dress now goes back into the closet.  And that is your Red Carpet Closet report for today. 

Reporting Live from Los Angeles, 

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  1. Love it! Looking forward to more posts.

  2. I seriously love that dress more than almost anything! When did you get it - do you think they still have it at the store? Hopefully it will look as good on me as you :)
    I don't think I can afford the shoes :(


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