Thursday, July 24, 2014

SYTYCD Season 11: Malene Ostergaard

This was definitely another first for us on SYTYCD on AfterBuzz TV. I've really been trying to mix it up for you guys this season. I've always wanted to go behind the scenes with the show because it's so interesting to hear how the audition rounds really went, what rehearsals are like and what happens when you are voted off. I know I'm not the only one, so I hope you have an enjoyed some of the new guests we have brought in like Mindy Arnold and a contestant from this season like Malene Ostergaard.

Yes, Malene was as gorgeous in person as she was on TV, but don't be fooled by her looks. She was a smart and insightful guest. I was so thrilled to get her on our show and I know this isn't the last we've seen of her…DWTS, perhaps?

Next week is Mandy Moore and I cannot wait to get a choreographer's perspective on Season 11. We will also be recovering from the elimination of four dancers. It's going to be a tough week.

I didn't post the show from Vibe Studio owner Mindy Arnold with her daughter and SYTYCD Season 9/current DWTS cast member Lindsay Arnold. If you want to hear more about the politics of SYTYCD, watch this show…it was fascinating.


  1. I really enjoy hearing the Kristyn/Chloe take on the routines each week, and this week adding the lovely Malene into the mix was an added treat. I'd love to see her come back again. And wouldn't she be a gorgeous addition to DWTS?
    I have to add my comments.
    I know y'all are fans of Tanisha but I have to say that I don't get it. Yes, a wonderfully workman-like dancer who I'd put into a back-up group in a second, but that's because I wouldn't have to worry about 'star power' from her. Put a woman like Malene in my back-up group? Are you kidding? No one would watch me! :-)) Star-power, the 'It' factor, Pop, Pow, and Wow .... that is what I'm missing from many of the dancers this season. You can't teach it. It is there or not. Who has it? Malene,Teddy, Nick, and (often)Rudy,. Ricky has it when he dances because he moves so beautifully and I'd say the same for Zack, but it leaves when they stop moving. Emilio has flashes of it. Doesn't mean that I don't respect the dance talent and the hard work from the rest of the dancers, and it doesn't define who will work and who won't. But having a group with lots of charisma makes for a more exciting season. I think y'all don't see it in Teddy the way that I do! Because he draws my eye each time he dances and I see him do the style and steps and still put his own spin on the moves. I'm a fan.
    Ok, stopping now. Great show. Thanks!

    1. Yes, she would be amazing…I hope DWTS takes a good look at her for S19.

      We are hearing from a lot of the fans this season that most contestants don't have that "IT" factor. Season 10 had so many superstars. This was the first week I saw Teddy's potential, but I think he will have an even bigger breakthrough in the weeks to come…although we lose 4 dancers this coming week. ACK!

      It's hard because it feels like they've already crowned the winner…Ricky.


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