Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AfterBuzz TV SYTYCD: Top 20 Preview

It's time for guests on SYTYCD on AfterBuzz TV. The live Hollywood shows begin this week along with the Top 20 announcement, so we are ready to announce our first guest on the after show. For my DWTS fans, it's going to be a very familiar face. She missed the last week of our show, but she promised to come back for SYTYCD this summer and she's holding true to her promise.

It's Anna Trebunskaya!

With the ballroom dancers having such a strong showing last year and so far in the audition rounds, they are going to be a big part of this season...Jenna Johnson, anyone?  So, Anna is the perfect guest to kick off the season.

Just like DWTS, you can ask questions for Anna in the comment section below. We will be focusing on SYTYCD, so most likely, DWTS questions will not get asked/answered.

See you on Wednesday at 9pm PT LIVE on AfterBuzz TV!  Watch here.


  1. Hey Anna- Hope your summer is going to be a good one! So last night I saw Louis Van Amstel in the audience since he choreographed one of the routines- can any of the DWTS pros choreograph or are there some stipulations between ABC and FOX being that they are competing networks? Thanks much and hope all is well:)

  2. hi everyone
    just a big hello! anna lol! ....
    I hope you like your little gifts from france anna ...
    kiss jake and kristyn...

  3. Question for Anna, how difficult is it for a person who is trained in one style of dance to master another style and what are some of the skills that are common among the various disciplines?

  4. Was there anyone that you really liked who didn't make it to the Top 20 or even to the top 33? Thanks for the awesome show!!

  5. I love the top 20 this year!Anna,I would like to know if we will see any of your choreography this season and what do you think of the four ballroom dancers this season?I really like them,and I've heard that Jenna and Brittany have already done a few routines on DWTS.


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