Monday, September 2, 2013

Dance Chat With Kristyn Burtt: Episode 1

It's such a big dance week, I couldn't resist! Let's talk DWTS, SYTYCD and Derek Hough! I hit a few hot topics on the two dance shows. Watch the whole show or drop in on your favorite segment. Here's how the show breaks down:

SYTYCD: 00:20
DWTS: 03:32
Derek Hough: 10:05

And the articles I refer are the links:
Christina Milian Instagram ScreenCap:
Travis Wall Article:
Sonya Tayeh Article:

Don't forget to join the chat and share your comments below. Let me know if you want me to do these regularly and what hot topics you want to discuss.


  1. Love these! Thanks, Kristyn! I love the behind the scenes stuff like Jake's reaction to your SYTYCD guests and the familys' reactions to Derek! Too funny! Yup! Whatever makes for good TV!

    So glad that the whole team is back for After Buzz DWTS!

    Would love more of these hot topics chats during season 17!

  2. I always love your videos because I understand you always talk to you gently ... ahahaha except at one point the video you are so eager to show lol I understand nothing hahaha this is very funny
    love it


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