Monday, February 18, 2013

Media Mondays

This is the sneak peek of my dress. With my stylist, Roni B.

It's officially Oscars Week and I am off and running.  I will try and do a few short videos so you can see how crazy the week actually is.  My favorite is always giving you a behind the scenes look at the red carpet.  I don't have access to the red carpet until Tuesday afternoon when they officially let the media into that area.

Last week, I announced my partnership with IBM and the #MySmarterCommerce campaign.  On Media Mondays, you kind of get an inside glimpse of how technology really affects my job.  Without the internet...I have no job!

Oscar Road Trip:  I was in Chicago last week to follow Oscar around the country. Okay, well, I only went on one stop, but check out my article for Starpulse on my adventure.  It was nice to see the golden guy again.

Safe Haven:  Did you see the movie over the weekend?  Here are my interviews with Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. Josh is cute.  Like...really cute.

Your PC Hero:  I met Allen Berrebbi when I was in Vegas for the IAWTV Awards and he asked me to be on his show.  Here is our fun interview where we talked a lot about working on the web. Thanks, Allen!

IAWTV Awards:  You never know what will turn up in a Google Alert, but this sure did!  It's an interview on the red carpet at the IAWTVAwards where I give a little advice on working in the web.

Tom Barnard Podcast:  It's all Oscars talk! I come in at the beginning, so listen in here.

On the Disney lot last week to see Oz The Great and Powerful.

Oz The Great and Powerful:  While I won't be sharing my interviews just yet, you can see what was in my gift bag.  It was definitely a good day for the Disney fan in me.

Kia of Cerritos:  My latest spot is here!  I finally saw one of the commercials air for the first time yesterday.  I think I was the last one to see myself on TV because these spot run frequently.

The Radio Dish:  Oh no.....we talk about Kris Jenner getting her own talk show. The Kardashians will never go away.  I come in at the 22:00 minute mark.

SheKnows:  My favorite articles from last week.
SheKnows interviews Wendell & Vinnie star Jerry Trainor--He's just really funny.
Don Diamont knows his soap fans want "scripted material"--Nobody has better fans than soap stars.
Lindsay Lohan's film, The Canyons, finds a distributor--I'm dying to see this film. Seriously.

You have 2 opportunities to join me today:
1:30pm PT Metro News Hotline with Dave Weekley
6:35pm PT Driving with Gass on


  1. ahhh! too cool to be on a commercial! i love reading about your latest "adventures" and i love for your oscar coverage!

    1. It's a big week! Let's hope I survive....haha.


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